Saturday, April 8, 2017


My Row by Row quilt with rows from 2016 is pieced. It is ruffly 56 x 76 inches. My husband was funny. He actually cared to "audition" fabrics for the sashing and the border. It was nice to discuss it. Enough brown for the back and enough of the blue for the binding and already made. Now next: "quilting by check". I wouldn't want to wreck this at this stage by trying it myself.

James wanted me to take a photo of the back too.

Before the next project I decided to take a look at my machine. I did have it serviced just before a started the rows. Really? 

I wished I could tell about the project I did today but you have to keep the Cotton Robin a secret until it is revealed in the beginning of July. 

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  1. I normally only look at your main blog posts as it appears on Bloglovin. So I missed this... well done, I love it. I still have only one block made as I seem to have lost the winter with my knee op and then Spain. Must make a note to look at your quilt blog.