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2015-05-14     Log Cabin Pattern ... making 4 blocks at a time! (as seen on a German blog)

2016-03-17     Curved Log Cabin Pattern ... making 4 blocks at a time! (the German method)

2016-03-17     Curved Log Cabin ...  but 6 inches and also as singles  (as above)

2017-02-21     Scrappy or not Ribbon Quilt     (PDF attached)

2018-03-10     8-in-1 HST Hunter Star   (Charity Love Block Drive / PDF attached)

2018 -03-12    NQC Challenge Block #5 - my version     (PDF attached)

2018-03-24     Formula for HST with square  
                        also called: Cat's Cradle, Grandmother's Choice, Shaded 4 Patch, Mary's Triangles

2018-04-15    Woven Star Pattern with cutting chart for blocks 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch squares.

2018-05-01     Moda Flowers in a Row adjusted size pattern  


2017-02-21     All those Corner Triangles

LINKS to specific help:

HST - 8 at a time

No waste method 4 Flying Geese at a time

No waste 4 Flying Geese cutting chart

Save my bleeding quilt

Joining beginning and end of binding   (so easy without tools)


Generations Quilt Patterns   (this website is loaded with free patterns and tutorials)

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  1. Christa,

    I love this technique! Thanks for translating for all of us! Look forward to seeing you tonight for more info about this.