Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Textile and Quilt Museum in Seoul, South Korea

We had decided on a one night stop-over in Seoul the way to Myanmar where we start our group tour. What a surprise when we saw there was a quilt museum so very close to our hotel. I had promised in my travel blog that I would write about it here.
Dear husband was so nice about it and was more then willing (after all, he had chosen the hotel). Turns out that we both enjoyed it very much. He was really into it and we discussed what was exhibited.
I will not comment much but let the pictures speak. There were signs everywhere about no photography but the caretaker encouraged me to take photos before I even asked.

Men's neckties

And when we thought that this was it we were sent into a hallway.

James held his fingers out for size comparison.

I was sorry that the elderly couple who seemed to be the caretakers or owners didn't speak much English. They were very nice but I had so many questions.
Most quilts were just lined and had no batting.
What is it with the dot dot dot space sewing?
The entry room had lots of six-sided tables and chairs. Do they have classes?
Oh well ... glad to have stumbled upon it. I would love to know what you think!