Wednesday, December 14, 2016

October + November threads

I think I came to a screeching hold on this site. Now I try to decide what pictures/stories/happening concerning "Threads" I should share.

October 10  - - -  We went to the Homeplace 1850s in the Land between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. Helen and I of course where very interested in the quilts and the samplers. Loved studying those.

November 2  - - -  The Hospitality Richmond Quilt Group meeting had an interesting program. A couple showed a vast number of quilts they have made together. Difficult to decide which ones to show. I liked the interesting setting of the cathedral quilt, something modern, interesting quilting.

November 8  - - -  CR quilters meeting

Janet's Row x Row

Some of my fabric ornaments (for gifts)

Wreaths I made for the St Martin's bazaar. Both sold. Can be hang on doors or used as table center pieces with candles in the middle.

Phoebe is a hand quilter. Impressive work.

Joyce showed us an "old" quilt with a very interesting label.

November 14  - - -  Colonial Lacemakers' meeting. Our newest member Anneli has only started to learn making bobbinlace a few weeks ago. Very impressive. 

Some progress by others!

December  - - -  All the meetings are party, party, party! You find those on my main blog (top right tab).