Friday, January 22, 2016

January threads

I love to travel but I was happy that I didn't miss the January Colonial Lacemakers meeting on Monday the 11th. The hour drive to Williamsburg and back (this time at Donna's) is always worth it to see my friends. I started another Chrismon and was able to do half of it.

Tuesday: CR Quilter's day. We decided to work every month on the BLOCK LOTTO pattern of the month. I posted my block and here is the link. It looks like it that Janet and Marsha are going to post blocks as well.

Attendance was not that great but those there had fun. Besides, Janet had a gift for everybody. This is a sewing machine needle helper. When you need to change your needle you can hold it with this tool while inserting it and tightening the screw. Makes it so much easier. It's amazing. Of course you can also use it as a poker after you turned fabric inside out.

Show and tell: Janet's amazing table topper.

On Wednesday the 13th I finally worked on my center for the COTTON ROBIN. You can read all about it if you go to the link. I have never done anything like this and are very excited. I was a lurker for a couple of years. Last year my daughter Helen participated and I was kind of jealous. It was fun making my center and it was mailed right away. I wished I could share the photo with you but that is a no-no at this time.

Thursday's Stitchers: Susan suggested to make hats and scarfs for some needy children in a rural area. She knows the teacher. I hope the children will gave fun with this. We certainly had fun making them.

The scarves have pockets so they keep Ganda warm.

Now ... with the snow storm coming I will have fun making lace. Check back soon.