Saturday, April 30, 2016

Paducah report - part 2

Yes, lunch. It was already past 1 o'clock. When I look now at this picture it really doesn't show what a crowd it was. There were stands with food across this and tents with picnic benches.

Lunch is over. So much more to see.

We almost bought this patter. But this vendor was out of them. A good thing since it was expensive.

The detail in the next one is unbelievable and one could look at it forever finding new things.

I just realized that I have not shown a picture of the BEST OF SHOW in my part 1 blog yet. Well, here it is. I found HERE a VIDEO of the maker of this quilt Marilyn Badger.


We were told not to miss the Japanese quilts. She was so right. It's what Helen and I liked best.

More vendors. I had seen this iron demonstrated at a quilt show last summer ... and was tempted then. And I was tempted again. Sigh.

These little masterpieces were something else.

Helen took the photo of the explanation.

I wished I would be braver and have more patience with the quilting part of quilting (? sounds funny). I like the piecing part. It can be such a big part of the overall design.

And then sometimes you wonder why some things have ribbons and some don't.
You might find this interesting: the winners!

Pi and pie

And then this!
There are three motives in one. And the frame is a quilt as well (picture from Helen). I tried to show it better in a VIDEO.

The next morning (Saturday) we popped into Hancock's of Paducah (not to be confused with the Hancock's store chain) and there was more eye candy.

Those in the store where a bit more "doable" for my level of expertise.

And these were only a few beautiful quilts we saw on this trip. Well, I have a few blocks at home which need to be sewn together. And I know exactly how I want to do it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paducah report - part 1

This will be difficult.
THIS ... WILL ... BE ... DIFFICULT !!!
So much to see in such a short time. And we didn't even see half of it. Probably even less then that. Oh well... I think I will have to write this in at least 2 parts.

Friday April 22 - Helen and I left her House at 7:30am. We decided to stop at the church first. We arrived there short after 10 and I think they were still setting up. I had started the three-day exhibition and demonstration during Quilt Week when I was living here. I had founded the HLG (Heartland Lace Guild) in 1990. This was the first year it was just a Lace Day on Friday. Nothing ever stays the same. Many of my good lace friends were missing.

Helen and I also went into the church. The HLG had made the Altar, pulpit and lecturn cloths for the church. It must have been 2006 or 2007 when I was in Singapore. The beige squares and the lace crosses had been my idea. I can't remember which one of the crosses is mine.

Visitors have arrived by now. We have to move on though.

Not so easy to find a parking spot but we managed. The adventage when you know the town. Had to walk a little. Promptly walked by this little shop. Well, couldn't just walk by. It looked too interesting.

That's the thing with the Paducah Quilt Show. The whole town is dotted with quilt related places. You really would need the whole 4 days to see and do it all. But finally we were in the show.
Disclaimer: you have to meander around and I think we were in every aisle. Some of the quilts had ribbons, some had not. Helen and I certainly did not always agree with the judges. Workmanship was unbelievable in most of them. I don't think I will comment. You see what we thought.

This was her very first quilt ever.

The rays were achieved by layering tulle material over the fabric to soften the colors.

A lot of the above photos were taking because I liked the technique/idea and too remember it. In the following photos it was all about border ideas. And we were amazed how squares looked round just because of the quilting.

And then there were also the vendors. Of course you were not supposed to take close pictures. But there were more ideas. And yes, I did buy things.

Lunch break. There is "sensory overload".