Wednesday, December 14, 2016

October + November threads

I think I came to a screeching hold on this site. Now I try to decide what pictures/stories/happening concerning "Threads" I should share.

October 10  - - -  We went to the Homeplace 1850s in the Land between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. Helen and I of course where very interested in the quilts and the samplers. Loved studying those.

November 2  - - -  The Hospitality Richmond Quilt Group meeting had an interesting program. A couple showed a vast number of quilts they have made together. Difficult to decide which ones to show. I liked the interesting setting of the cathedral quilt, something modern, interesting quilting.

November 8  - - -  CR quilters meeting

Janet's Row x Row

Some of my fabric ornaments (for gifts)

Wreaths I made for the St Martin's bazaar. Both sold. Can be hang on doors or used as table center pieces with candles in the middle.

Phoebe is a hand quilter. Impressive work.

Joyce showed us an "old" quilt with a very interesting label.

November 14  - - -  Colonial Lacemakers' meeting. Our newest member Anneli has only started to learn making bobbinlace a few weeks ago. Very impressive. 

Some progress by others!

December  - - -  All the meetings are party, party, party! You find those on my main blog (top right tab).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September CR Quilters

Second Tuesday!

Show + tell was very nice. Look at this cat and mice quilt.

Phoebe demonstrated the Pounce quilt-marking tool and talked about its advantages for marking your quilt for quilting. Several of us had that tool but had never been successful in using it. It was very interesting.

And more show + tell:

We learn a lot from each other!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September quilt experiences

September 7 (first Wednesday of the month)
- meeting of the Hospitality Chapter of the Richmond Quilters' Guild.

The program was not memorable but I always love show + tell. It always gives me so many ideas. Look at the setting of these blocks.

There were several examples of "memory" t-shirt quilts.

And our own Janet showed her Row by Row from Missouri!

Thursday September 8
- I had heard about a display of quilts by the Country School Quilters who meet in Montpelier VA.
James wanted to come along and we both enjoyed the display very much.

There was a lot of diversity. I think there were 80 pieces and we liked a lot. Here is a selection:

I was invited to the monthly meeting of the group and decided to attend. It was very interesting. I was a bit early so I went to see the display again first.

The next two are a new and interesting technique. Outlining with the sewing machine and then coloring "in the lines" (best seen in the second picture).

The month' program was about Dresden plates.

Unfortunately it is a night meeting but the whole group was very friendly to newcomers. I was invited to join. Have to think about it.