Sunday, March 20, 2016

March threads

Not much to report this month. I have done a lot of sewing lately.
One of my efforts are in the previous post. I think I was a bit obsessed with the curved logcabin blocks. I am sure there us a whole quilt in the future.
I am very happy with the piecing of this top. It's ready to be quilted. I promise a better picture when it's done. The colors are not true in this one.

This month's BLOCK LOTTO block is the violet. This time 6 inches finished size. This was the same pattern but 8 inches when I participated for the very first time August 2011. Really like this pattern.

I somehow didn't make it to any quilt group meetings this month except for the CR quilter's. Becky and Janet showed us how to turn an old sweatshirt into a beautiful jacket. I do understand the process but have not made any progress. The weather has turned warmer now and the motivation is gone. I thought it was a good lesson though.

I did manage to work with the Stitchers on the Thursdays though. And there is always eye-candy. Here is an example how to liven up a quilt with plain straight edge pieces with some appliqué on top.

This is a very easy and quick pattern but because of the exquisite fabric really special.

March 19
I didn't realize that today is National Quilting Day (celebrated every year on the 3rd Saturday in March). When I googled on it I found that it also seems to be celebrated as Worldwide Quilting Day.
So we were very timely changing out the high hanging quilt again. This one is my second version of a 4-pattern-repeat stack&whack. It's the first time I put blocks "on point".

Happy National Quilting Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Curved Log Cabin

When I heard about curved log cabin blocks I was intrigued. I had to try out the German method. I really like this method. And I like the looks of the results.
Unfortunately I have to shelf this because I need to finish other projects first. I did manage to write down the patterns though. The big "ball" measures 24 inches finished and the smaller 12 inches because each block is 6 inches finished. CLICK HERE!

Feel free to give me ideas what to do with these blocks!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

February Threads

My friends Janet and Becky are so good taking me along to quilt guild meetings. On Feb 2 we went to Mechanicsville where the group had set up the meeting celebrating Chinese New Year. I wrote about it on my main blog.
Next day we went across the river. The program was very interesting. We rotated to three mini lesson stations. I liked this one especially about curved piecing.

I might have to look for this book at my library.

Quilt meetings always motivate me so I sewed the BLOCK LOTTO block.

I also attempted to sew a sleeping sack for Caleb. He had outgrown the one they used and even IKEA didn't have one Sarah could buy. If armholes are too big he likes to draw his arms in and get naked. Happy to report it was a success even if I had to invent the pattern.

This month's lace meeting was very nice too ... and delicious. Natalie came back from New Orleans with King cakes.

Lots of eye candy and very motivating. Look at Mary's vest! The front is bobbinlace and the back knitted.

And yes, soon I had another Lace Chrismon finished. The Catalan bobbin is a gift from Lali who had just visited her family in Spain.

Eye candy too at the CR Quilters' meeting. Jane's guest Phoebe was working on hand quilting.

Becky's two "sweatshirt" jackets. She will teach us next month how to do those.

And just before going on vacation I had to try whether I could do this paper pieced block. I guess I could. Pretty pleased with it. And now I have to be patient until I can make the rest of this quilt.

I guess that's about it.