Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A helpful Tip

All those corner triangles!

When you do those you can either draw I line from one corner of the little square or put a crease in with an iron. Both methods are somewhat time-consuming. 
If you use the “draw a line” method you have to have the appropriate drawing tool depending on the color of the fabric.

With that method or with the ironing method you not always see the line  good when you are sewing.

This is what I DID!

Lay the little square on the big square.

Take a stiff piece of paper (greeting card is good) and lay it across from corner to corner.

 Slide it under the sewing machine until the needle touches the paper making sure that the paper didn’t slip.

Make a few stitches and make sure the bottom is aligned properly. Sew just next to the paper.

As you can see … I didn’t need to do any trimming.

(Of course you do cut away the two bottom layers)

I rotate the fabric so that I can again sew from the top edge down to the middle. Works best for me.

There were lots of corner triangles when I made the ribbon quilt. This worked great for me. If you would like it, here is the PDF to download.

Hope you find this helpful!!!

My Ribbon Quilts

Well, I finally realized that I can't post about every lace meeting or quilters meeting I go to. And I am not even go to that many. But it adds up in photos I am sharing. I soooooo love show+tell and admiring other people's work ... as much as I like reading other's blogs.

So, I came to the conclusion and resolution that I will just post about what I am doing ... so that I can remember what I did when ... and what I wanted to do, ha-ha. We all have UFOs, right.?

I am very excited about my last big quilting projects. It started with making this scrappy quilt at the Thursday Stitchers (the charity sewing group).

We have three bins there with 2.5x2.5, 4x4 and 5x5 inch squares. I took the 2.5 inch squares and thought about what to do with them. I like scrappy quilts the best because I think that is the original purpose.
I liked the quilt so much that I actually purchased it to keep.

Then one of the other Stitchers asked me to write down how I had done it. And so I did. And got carried away. I wondered how it would look with "regular" fabric. I found easily fabrics in the Stitchers vast supply and the cutting went fast. 

Last Thursday was not my day though. When I noticed just before lunch that I had sewn on a whole row in the wrong direction (the green ended up where the light blue was) I just packed everything up to take home (which I usually don't do).

Guess what? I was short one ONE little square. Luckily it was the right Sunday when some Stitchers meet and I could run in and get it. I am so happy the top is pieced now.

Yup, done!

When I wrote the pattern directions I couldn't help myself again. I had to try it with just 4 different ribbons. I found the material in my stash and the piecing of the top would have only taking me ONE DAY cutting and sewing if I had not gone for a walk because the weather was so nice.

And the trouble is, I might have to do it again. I would love to see how it looks in batiks ... or pale baby colors with one ribbon down and two ribbons across less. What do you think?