Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July threads

This is my first Row by Row. I actually bought the kit because the proceeds go to a local charity. Still have to do the stitching around the appliqué. This was a quick and fun project.

This is a quilt I pieced at the "Stitchers" for charity. It was totally made with scraps out of the 2 1/2 inch squares bin (except for the gray). Very happy with it.

July Block Lotto. Fun but a challenge.

Ha, really. At the monthly meeting of the lacemakers I didn't take one photo of lace but these two of projects from our host Donna who also is a quilter.

The monthly meeting of the CR Quilter's was very nice. Phoebe gave a very interesting talk about sewing machine needles. I think I have to change my ways. So far I have only changed to a new needle when the old broke. Not good.
Show and tell was great too.

After the "Big Reveal" I could finally talk about it and brought my little quilt. I had covered parts of it to show the different stations of the Cotton Robin by uncovering.

Joan found something she had done years ago wondering what she could do with it.

Becky had just taken a class to make this table runner and mats.

And something I was working on at the Thursday Stitchers. The star centers made from 2 1/2 inch squares in the scrap bins and the star tips from the 5 inch scrappy squares.

But it needed something else. I decided on sashing and the three random yellow friendship stars. I am very pleased with it.

And besides all that I was also working on items for the St Martin's bazaar. And about that later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Here is the link!

This is the center I started with in January:

In March I received somebody else's center ...

... and put the first border around.

Then I received somebody else's center with the first border ...

... and put the second border around.

Then I received somebody else's center with two borders ... and finished it by layering, quilting and binding. Didn't forget the hanging sleeve either.

In May I received this! So exciting!

And here is my finished little quilt (20 by 20 inches) and I am so thrilled. Sophie, Marie and Susie did a great job. It is hanging next to my bed.

And it came with all these goodies from New Hampshire. So nice. Thank you, Susie, for all my gifts. I shared the chocolates with my husband for being so patient when I am working on a project and going to the postoffice for me. 

And if the first link wasn't enough eye candy for you, here are the previous BIG REVEALS! (2016 was MY first year though)

May and June Threads

I won the October Block Lotto. That was fun. Once all blocks had arrived (from all states and as far away as Australia) I put them randomly on a design wall. Wasn't sure what I was going to to with them.

In May I took them to Nashville with me because I thought I might have some time to play with them there. I put them on the design wall and never changed anything. Liked this lay-out right away.

But I thought they needed sashing. 

So I did. I made myself a color chart for the corner stones.

And since timing was right I had it quilted by my Nashville longarmer and bound and hung in no time. I am very pleased with it. Still have to do the hand sewing and will take a better picture when it is hanging in Richmond. This picture was taken in Nashville.

I also finally finished my "Beaver quilt", made in honor of the beaver who cuts down one tree after the other near the creek behind our place in Nashville.

While in Nashville my grandson William wanted me to make him a tatted butterfly. I can't remember how that came about but I decided to try to make one with glow-in-the-dark thread. I think it turned out pretty good.

Otherwise ... I missed a lot of the group meetings in May. Family first!

June started with a lacemaking demonstration in the Williamsburg Library. My lacemaking friends had done a great job organizing and decorating the glass show cases for the month. I didn't do a good job taking pictures though. I was just happy to be able to participate Saturday June 4th. It's always fun getting together.

June Block Lotto! Quite challenging but I had to try it.

Show and tell at the CR Quilters meeting. 
Here is Sharon's runner made with last year's Row by Row license plates.

I always love to see Jane's color choices.

And soon there will be the big reveal of the Cotton Robin!!!