Saturday, March 17, 2018

6 Heads / 12 Blocks (ROM) - March

Here is the link to this Row of the Month March block!

Just finished my row. I used a different background and NOT red and green as for the first two rows. I find this a bit difficult to decide since we don't know the whole picture. I am taking risks. I used two blues for 5 stars and two different blues for the other 5 stars and alternated them when I sewed them together. You don't really see that in the photo.

There were 40 corner triangles to sew (the light blue smaller star tips). I drew no lines as it was suggested in the pattern but used my method (link)  which you can also find in the QuiltTutorial/Patterns tab on the top of the blog.

I would love to know how you like this tip. You could leave a comment.

Für meine Deutschen Freunde (es ist ja schließlich ein Muster von einer Deutschen Seite) jetzt der Tip in Deutsch:
Ich ziehe keine Linie wie im Muster beschrieben sondern lege das Quadrat für die Ecke auf wie es sein soll. Man kann es gut mit Nadeln feststecken (mache ich aber nur bei größeren Quadraten). Dann lege ich ein Stück steifes Papier drauf wo die Linie sein würde, Fuß hoch und schiebe den Anfang unter den Fuß bis ich mit Papier und Stoff an die Nähnadel stoße. Fuß runter und zwei Stiche. Dann kontrolliere ich ob das Papier noch richtig am Ende liegt und nähe den Rest. Da ich ganz ein wenig neben dem Papier nähe paßt die Ecke haargenau wenn ich es Umbügel denn das Falten nimmt ja etwas von dem Stoff weg. Ich muß ganz selten trimmen und es geht flott. 
Manche bügeln einen Kniff rein anstatt der Linie aber den kann ich meistens nicht sehen. Oben hinter dem Quilt Tutorials/Patterns Tab könnt Ihr diesen Tip mit mehr Bildern sehen (All those corner triangles!).

Ich würde mich freuen von Euch zu hören wie Euch dieser Tip gefällt. Ihr könntet einen Kommentar lassen.

I am not sure about the color choices of my first two months ... but we will see ....

And now I will have a look and enjoy all those link on that German website.

Friday, March 16, 2018

NQC Block # 6

Yes, yes, yes. This is not the only thing I am behind. But last night I finally got around to finish block #6. As always I did my coloring first and this is what I came up with.

8 flying geese 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches made with background rectangles and 2 1/2 inches corner blocks.

4 flying geese 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches made with a blue rectangles and 2 1/2 inch background fabric corner blocks.

4 background 2 1/2 inch squares for the corners and 1 center 4 1/2 inch square .

4 squares 4 1/2 inches assembled a bit more complicated:
The dark blue 5 inches square.
The light blue 2 squares 4 1/4 inches cut diagonal each.

Add the 4 triangles to the square and cut diagonally into 4 new triangles.

Cut from the third fabric 2 squares 5 x 5 and cut diagonally. Attache the 4 triangles to the other 4 triangles. Trim to 4 1/2 inch squares.

Make 4 squares 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches with background 3 1/4 square and corners.
From 2 different blues cut a 3 inch square each and cut diagonally. 

All those triangle corners. First I fumbled with them to get them lined up properly. Good gracious, at one point the lightbulb went on. 
Fold the square on each side to make a crease in the middle of each side.
Fold the triangle and make a crease on the alongside.

When you make sure that the "ditch" is on the top side of the square and the underside of the triangle they nestle really nice into each other (right sides together). It makes the whole thing so much faster.

And here are my 6 blocks (of the 9) so far. 16 inch blocks (finished) are really large. They take a lot of space on my design wall. But I need to look at them when I try to figure out the next one.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

NQC Block # 5

Happy Saturday! Lucky I have some time to sew. I will attempt to make Block # 5 of the National Quilters Circle Challenge. All 9 blocks are now out. If you would like the free blocks, click here.
I have a lot to catch up.

And here it is! I am quite pleased with it. Unfortunately the colors in the photo are not as nice. I guess the lighting at 10 pm in my sewing room is not conducive to taking photos.

I had a dilemma though when I wanted to start. The pattern was different from the original drawing of the whole quilt. Decision, decision.

I find it always helpful to do some coloring.

And here is my cutting chart:

First sew the two strips from the first two fabrics together. Then cut into 4 sections 4 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. These are the bases for the Flying Geese.

To make sure I fold the squares for the star points and pin them (roughly) into place. This makes the chain sewing so much easier. 

Next take the 4 squares from the first fabric and second and sew the corner stones and put aside.

Sew the triangles to the center square. Do opposite sides, press, sew the other opposite sides, press.
Trim to 6 inches.

Add the other triangles from the two different fabrics. 
Now this square should measure 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

Assemble as shown.

Perfect square 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches. 
If you would like to print this out, here is a PDF! Disclaimer: when I write a pattern, I usually immediately use it to make that item again. This time I don't have time to do that. Should you do my pattern and find something unclear or a mistake, please let me know.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Charity Blocks

Somehow I came across the Covered in Love blog and the Love Block Drive!

Did you go to the links and read about it? Good, I don't have to write the details then. It is a very good cause. I thought it would be nice to help.

This block drive will run until the end of April. Any one can participate and you can pick and choose the block drives throughout the year that you want to do, there's a new one every 2 months!  If you'd like to send in blocks please leave a comment or email me to get the address ( and have them in the mail by May 1.

I looked at the directions and they are very easy. But ... of course ... I immediately thought that I would do it differently. Every block has many ways to do it (just like meatloaf ha-ha).

This is the first block I sewed. Btw all of them are done with stash. All of it is blue. Sorry the photos are not very good.

It's so quick to make that I decided to take photos to write "my" directions.
For the charity you are supposed to use blue. Any and all shades of blue.
For each blog you need only two fabrics, one print and one solid.
From each fabric cut: 
1 square 6.5 inches and
1 square 7 3/4 inches 

Use the two large squares (one from each fabric 7 3/4 inches) and make 8 HST using the 8HST-at-a-time method. I have a link under the Tutorial tab at the top. 

If I am doing the sewing and cutting and pressing carefully I don't even have to trim the HST except the little tips.
But I guess you could cut the large squares a little larger and then trim each HST if you want to.

Lay everything out like the picture and sew. The sewing of this one I have to do tomorrow though. Time to go to bed. It's after midnight.

Sewing the squares together is fast. I wished I had the time to make a whole quilt right now. If I had a fourth block the star in the middle would be obvious.

I made a PDF to have printable directions. CLICK HERE if you would like it.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

NQC Block # 4

All I can say is: what a difference it makes when you spray the fabric with starch and iron before you cut your pieces. The corner meet so much easier that way.

The colors in the photos are not quite true. I like the real thing much better.
The block goes together quite easily.
4 large flying geese (4 at a time no waste method)
4 smaller flying geese (4 at a time no waste method)
8 HST (at a time)
and then the different squares - a fun project!

Since there will be 9 in this challenge - only 5 to go (ha-ha).

Thursday, March 1, 2018

NQC Block # 1 and 3

I have blogged about my NQC block # 1 HERE!

After I had done block # 2 (I blogged about that too) I had to do # 1 again in the colors of "the quilt". I have to say that I was rather pleased about it.

After quite some time I just was finally able to tackle block # 3. And the making stretched over several days whenever there seemed to be a minute.

I got stuck here. Which way to turn the HST in the middle? I was leaning towards one idea but asked James for his opinion. He keeps claiming that he has no artistic ounce in his body but I just plainly asked "what do you like better". He (luckily) had the same idea as I. The left side. He even offered a reason: "It is more interesting making another square.

Yes, not bad.

And here are the first 3 on the design wall. I am "only" 5 blocks behind because they are being posted every Thursday.

Btw. they are 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches square (unfinished).

Off to tackle block # 4.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

6 Heads / 12 Blocks (ROM) - February

Fun! Got February done. Hope I can keep it up.

This block was provided by Nadra. Thanks!

Again, lots of different possibilities. I enjoy seeing what others have done.

I had never done a partial seam block. This was a good lesson for me. It was really easy and perfect for chain sewing. For the row you need 15 blocks.

January and February!

I am not so sure about my colors any more but have to see what I can do with the next month.

I am linking to Nadra.