Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Row by Row

It's hanging! My 2016 Row by Row quilt.

It tells the story. Last year's theme was "Home sweet Home". The top horizontal one was a kit. It's a 9th Row and the proceeds go to a charity. I bought it from the Quiltery in Fairfield VA. 

The next is the pattern from the only store in Germany participating. I am original from Germany and Berlin of course is the capital city. I didn't like the original pattern as it was so did some "adapting". 

Next is the only other kit. I bought it because I was afraid I might not get that perfect sun-down fabric. The Trafalgar Square pigeon overlooks a skyline of London representing of course where husband James is from. 

The pansies are fillers and a tually the first block pattern I ever did for Block Lotto. 

The next is from Tennessee. Left are blue mountains, right is the skyline of Nashville where daughter Helen lives with her family. 

Underneath is the skyline of Richmond where we live on one side of the river James and Sarah with her family on the other side. 

On the bottom another of the themed rows with the lettering "Home is where the honey is". That pattern came from a shop which specializes in machine embroidery which showed in the pattern. I "translated" most into appliqué but what to do about the bees? My Honey" had the solution: use buttons! And he even found them in a shop for me. 

The vertical row on the left is a mailbox which reminded me of my first years here in the USA. The mailbox was very important. No internet, telephoning very expensive and family and friends far away ... my father and I wrote 2 or 3 letters to each other each week. It does have my "now" housenumber though and a bird on top and flowers on the fence. 

The vertical row on the lower right is a signpost with signs to important places in our lives with miles and km. I had seen a row like it on the internet but couldn't get it so designed it myself. It has a bird on top too.

The Kit from Dngland had little fabric flags but I didn't like them. I had found an old beat-up lapel pin before our trip last month and was determined to find two new ones while there. I was lucky and did. Since three pins where cheaper I also got the little soldier. I am happy with that.

And while I was in Europe last month ...

Row by Row 2017 started on Wednesday June 21. Timing was not on my side since I was in Holland and Germany before this time. I managed to get to three quilt stores in England though which was fun.

This is what I wrote on my main blog:

Friday June 23

We were on our way back to Christchurch and didn't really have an agenda. Since Wednesday had been the first day for Row by Row (see link) James was so nice to take me to two this day. 

The first was Purple Stitches in Basingstoke. It was in an industrial district (number 35) and quite difficult to find. But it was interesting. I am holding the sample.

The second one was even more difficult to find. Our GPS couldn't find the Quilters Dream in Andover. We had to ask somebody and when we put in "Picket Piece" the GPS knew. You have to go up some steps on the side of the building to the second story. The lady was very nice though and we had a good chat. 
I love Stonehenge. 

Tuesday June 27

Weather forecast was not so favorable. Considering that we didn't really have ANY bad weather for a whole month in Europe we are not complaining. With not much else on the agenda we decided to drive to Henley to a quilt shop there. This would give Helen the opportunity to go to a Row by Row participating quiltshop outside the USA. Not important but kind of fun. 

James' GPS couldn't find Farm Road. So I googled while I still had internet at Jane's and took a screen shot of my phone. This will do. The old fashioned way ... map reading!
Found it!
From the outside it looks like a cute little shop. And the front room too. But as soon as we went around the corner we couldn't believe our eyes: the British Hancocks! Helen and I could have spent hours (and money). 

I have an idea and you might hear more about this. 

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