Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Last one - DONE

# 8

This one I had to design myself. I had seen a Row similar and wrote to the shop (somewhere very north-west) but never received an answer. So, I decided to tackle it. And it was actually a lot of fun!

I started with this.
Cut brown strip 20 x 3.5 inches
Cut background 20 x 4 inches (2)

Background 2.5 x 4 inches (14)
Background 1.5 inch (7)
Signs 1.5 squares (14)

Of course how many pieces you cut depends how many signs you want.

Sew together to make the sign strip.

Sewing the corner triangles doesn't take long, especially if you chain piece. Have you read my "helpful tip" under Quilt Tutorials how I do those? Would love your feedback if you try it.

Now I inserted the signs. I had no idea how much "post" to make and what I wanted to do at the bottom, so I started at the top with the inserting. Just lay down the next sign and make sure the cut would not go through a previous one. Also, make sure you remember to leave the seam allowance. 

After I attached the sign to one side, I laid all out on the cutting board lines and cut of the sides. That way I made sure that the "post" would still be straight when I sewed the second part to it.

After I had done my 7 signs I felt the top needed a bird. I had a pattern from BLOCK LOTTO but only in a bigger size. I didn't feel like doing a big math calculation so I "winged" it (ha-ha, no pun intended). But what is wrong with this bird?

It came to me. I had forgotten one little corner triangle at the breast. Two seams opened and a little sky added.

I am quite happy.

Now on to the sashing. And borders on the sides to make it more proportional, otherwise it is too skinny.


  1. The addition of the bird is the perfect touch. It adds so much personality to the block. The choice of colors is bright and cheerful. Kudos that you were able to wing it :-)

    1. Thank you. Winging it seems what I do a lot and not everything takes flight. Oh well, got to try.