Friday, March 31, 2017

Seven of Eight done

Number 7

Nashville. This row was piecing - partly straight squares, partly on-point. On the right side you were supposed to quilt the city scape.

Since I don't do the quilting and can't put the design in then I need to find another way.

So, plan B. I draw the pattern onto parchment paper, then ironed it onto the fabric. I stitched the pattern with a heavier thread and short stitches. You can see I have already peeled some of the paper off (before I remembered to take a photo).

Not the favorite of all the rows but I am quite proud of my effort.

I moved all the rows to a different design wall. I forgot that I can't a decent photo of it there because its a narrow hallway to the guest bedroom.

I decided that I only need one more ... the vertical sign post! I had seen a row like that but unfortunately do not have the pattern. So, here I am again: re-inventing the wheel. Stay tuned.

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