Saturday, March 18, 2017

OMG ... time is ticking

Last year in June and July I had fun looking for Row by Row patterns. When traveling my husband was patiently letting me stop at some quilt shops. Some quilting friends and I did a little shop hopping. I really love this program.

I even got rows rom England and the only one from Germany! I laid out how I wanted to make a quilt. On the computer! A story about my husband and me. I am all excited. But it come to a stop.

Suddenly I realized ... the next Row by Row will be soon. I have to finish this before then!!!!!

So many are appliqué though. Not my thing. I am a piecer. I had a 9th row one (a kit) all pieced and even the appliqué ironed on ... and stopped.

But yesterday I decided to tackle it. I am quite happy with the outcome of this one. 
This one is finished!

I decided that appliqué is like everything else. You just need to do it. Practice, practice, practice!

I had to figure out the stitch first and decided on this one. I took a photo so not to forget. One of my problems if I want to do something again - how did I do that?

It seemed to get easier after a while.

No. 2 !

It also had all been cut out and ironed on ... and stopped. Here as I found it!

Since I was in such a good going I kept sewing. I finished the green floor and the tree. And then the owl. I am ok how that went too.

This morning I went back to it .... since it went quite well last night. Grrrrr. Not so good. Had to do some ripping here and there. Practice, practice, practice. OK here is that part. The bees are little buttons. I have 5 but hubby said 3 is enough. What do you think?

Only 7 1/2 Rows to go!

I might should mention that the 9th Row kit came from The Quilters in Fairfield VA.

The "Home is where the Honey is" came from Absolutely Fun, Murfreesboro TN.


  1. The button bees are so cute. Wish you good luck in your OMG.

    1. Thank you, Preeti. The pattern was from a quilt shop which really is into embroidery machines. Since I couldn't embroider the bees as in the pattern I went to find buttons. My husband actually found them. He is so supportive.