Monday, March 20, 2017

Row by Row progress

Finished # 2 as much as I could. I think the eyes of the bears are going to be little black beads. Don't know what to do about the sleeping bears nose. Any suggestions?

I am quite happy with the whole thing for somebody who is a piecer and not an appliqué-er.

On to # 3 - London !

Skyline traced on heat-n-bond light (as the pattern said).

Nest and Dove etc all traced too. This is fun.

Had the little stitching done last night and the Union Jacks are prepared too. This whole Row is in honor of husband James who was born and raised in Windsor, England (not too far from London).

I decided I needed to put the things like the stitching, the flags and the bees for #2 in a good place so I find them after the whole thing is quilted.

All ready and laid out for the appliqué stitching. NOT my favorite but ... I think I am getting better. Isn't that the goal?

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